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Scuba Diving Equipment Hire - Adelaide South Australia


Adelaide South Australia

Divers Service has up to date Hire Scuba Diving Equipment at competitive prices. Hire wetsuits, Hire BCD's, Hire Tanks, Hire Regulators with computers. Get grate rates for multiple days.

Cruz_package.jpg†† + Pinnacle_Tempo_5mm.jpg† +† 11949847391928819471scuba_tank_01_svg_med.png† =††††††††† $85 per day

Pinnacle_Tempo_5mm.jpg=††††††††† $25.00 per day††††††††

Cruz_BCD.jpg=†††††$25.00 per day

Alpha_8.jpg†† =†††††$25.00 per day (includes Octopus and Computer)

11949847391928819471scuba_tank_01_svg_med.png†††††††† =††††††††† $25 per day