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Scuba Package

Select your Regulator

This is the major part of your Scuba Package. We would suggest that . . .
Alpha 9 SP5 Regulator>>More Info

Oceanic GT3 Regulator>>More Info

Oceanic Delta 4 Regulator>>More Info

Oceanic Eos Regulator>>More Info

Select your Octopus Regulator

Your Occy Regulator should be suited to . . . .
Oceanic Second Air Octopus Regulator>>More Info

Alpha 9 Octopus>>More Info

Oceanic Swivel Octopus Regulator>>More Info

Oceanic AirXS Octopus>>More Info

Select your Buoyancy Compensator

The most important feature of your Buoyancy Compensator (BC) s the fit. A BC must fit . . . .
Oceanic OceanPro BC>>More Info

Oceanic Cruz BC>>More Info

Oceanic Hera BC>>More Info

Oceanic Probe LX BC>>More Info

Oceanic Excursion BC>>More Info

And finally, select your Personal Dive Computer

Your Personal Dive Computer (PDC) will give you all of the necessary information about your dive. The best type . . .
Oceanic Max Depth Gauge>>More Info

Oceanic Veo 1.0 Dive Computer>>More Info

Oceanic Veo 250 Dive Computer>>More Info

Oceanic Pro Plus 2 Dive Computer>>More Info

Oceanic VT3 Dive Computer>>More Info

And here are some accessories that we suggest you could also add to your Scuba Package.

Oceanic Cargo Deluxe Reg Bag>>More Info

Oceanic Cargo Carry-On Dive Bag>>More Info

Gauge Cage>>More Info

Princeton Tec LED torch Pack>>More Info

McNett Value Pack>>More Info

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You Save: $
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