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Pinnacle Siren 7mm Female Wetsuit

Pinnacle Siren 7mm Female Wetsuit

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Price: $549.95

Availability: Out Of Stock

Pinnacle Siren 7 Female Wetsuit

No longer must a female wear a suit designed for a male shape and modified slightly to fit a female. The revolutionary Siren 7 is designed from the ground up, specifically around the female form. The graphics and look of the Siren 7 leaves no doubt this is one for the ladies!

The Pinnacle Siren 7 wetsuit is the first 7mm high-stretch wetsuit that provides warmth, comfort, and durability that divers the world over have come to expect from Pinnacle.

The Merino lined Siren 7 is more comfortable than even many 3mm suits, yet is probably warmer than any 7mm suit that you've ever worn. Incorporating the Pinancle patented Merino™ lining system, which not only adds warmth, but also promotes quick drying after a dive and helps to reduce odors. You can only get a Merino Siren 7 suit from a Pinnacle dealer.

The Siren 7  is a wise investment by any cold-water diver. Like all Pinnacle products, the Siren 7 is built to last. This suit is the obvious choice for any female diver seeking the ultimate in warmth, durability, and comfort.